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Simplifying your shower curtain liner February 18, 2013

Filed under: Cleaning — Shannon @ 9:19 pm

So in our master bedroom we have just a shower stall, not tub. When you buy the liners for the shower, it is made for a tub – way too big and ours just got all bunched up and was a breeding ground for mold. Yuck!  So after fighting with cleaning the shower curtain liner – I decided to cut it down to size (literally). I just measured the size of the shower opening and added 2-3 inches to make sure it stays closed on the sides. Cut it down with a pair of scissors and voila! My new shower curtain liner that fit fabulously.

If only the liner could be cut in half and make two – giving you more bang for your buck. Our opening was just a little too big to pull this off. But maybe your shower would work.

One more tip on the shower curtain liner. I throw this in the wash with my bath mats. The mats help to scrub the liner and get it clean and it’s less work scrubbing a shower curtain liner. I’m not sure if anyone enjoys that job.

I buy a pretty nice liner at Big Lots for $5 – I haven’t had to replace it for 3 years so I think that is money well spent. In the past I would replace it more frequently when it would get funky.


Shower Cleaner with Vinegar February 10, 2013

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Vinegar is my best friend when it comes to cleaning. Instead of buying the expensive shower spray – the stuff you spray on after a shower to keep the shower cleaner between cleanings – I use a combo of 50/50 Water to white vinegar. Just put in a spray bottle – I use one from the dollar store and you have a very inexpensive shower cleaner. Keeps your mold and mildew at bay as well as cuts down on the soap scum. Plus no harsh chemicals – give it a shot!